Everything about Moon Lamps

Everything about Moon Lamps

Everything about Moon Lamps

Moon Lamp

Moon lamps have become a popular home lighting option, adding a touch of stellar flair and
creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.
But what are they, and how do they improve your space?
This detailed guide explores into all kinds of moon lamps, covering their characteristics,
functionality, and the best brands to consider.

What is a Moon Lamp Exactly?

A moon lamp is a decorative light fixture that resembles the moon. The lamps are
often created using modern 3D printing technology, recreate the surface texture and
appearance of the moon while generating a soft, ambient glow.
They come in a variety of sizes, including modest desk ornaments and larger, richer designs.
Moon lamps often have adjustable brightness levels and can be powered by batteries or USB.
They serve both practical and decorative purposes, bringing a peaceful and divine feel to any
space. Moon lights are popular as gifts and are treasured by astronomers and anyone who
value natural beauty.

Moon Lamp

How does Moon Lamp works?

A moon lamp uses LED lights and a specific 3D-printed or molded shell to simulate the
appearance of the moon's surface. The shell is typically made of a translucent material that
allows light to diffuse, giving the lamp a soft and lifelike glow.
Inside the shell, LED lights are strategically arranged to illuminate the surface, replicating the
moon's shifting colors and shadows.
Typically, moon lamps have numerous brightness settings that allow users to modify the
intensity of the light to their liking.
They are typically powered by rechargeable batteries or a USB connection, allowing for
greater flexibility in usage. Some advanced models may additionally have extra capabilities
such as remote controls or timers.

Which Brands are best?

Some top brands known for offering high-quality moon lamps include:

1. Mydethun
5. Ehobroc
8. Omicoo
9. Mind-glowing

1. Mydethun

Mydethun offers a range of moon lamps with good detail and authentic texture.
Their lamps feature adjustable brightness settings, creating the perfect feel for your home.
Known for their durability, Mydethun lamps are made from high-quality materials and are
built to last.


BRIGHTWORLD is known for moon lamps that provide a soft, warm glow reminiscent of
Their lamps come in various sizes, from small bedside companions to larger statement pieces.
With advanced LED technology, BRIGHTWORLD lamps offer energy efficiency and long-
lasting illumination.

Moon Light Lamp


LOGROTATE stands out for its innovative designs and sleek, modern aesthetics in moon
Their lamps feature touch-sensitive controls for easy brightness adjustment and on/off

LOGROTATE offers a variety of color options, allowing users to customize the ambiance to
their liking.
Known for their portability, LOGROTATE moon lamps are rechargeable and can be used
wirelessly for hours.


SEGOAL is known for its eco-friendly moon lamps made from non-toxic materials.
Their lamps are crafted to replicate the moon's surface with unbelievable accuracy.
SEGOAL offers a range of sizes and designs, targeting to diverse preferences and decor
With user-friendly controls, SEGOAL moon lamps are suitable for all ages and occasions.

Moon Lamps

5. Ehobroc

Ehobroc is known for its artistic approach to moon lamps, offering very good designs and
satisfying lightings.
Their lamps feature high-resolution printing technology for precise detailing and vibrant
Ehobroc's moon lamps are powered by energy-efficient LED bulbs, providing long-lasting
With a focus on safety, Ehobroc lamps are FCC, CE, and RoHS certified for peace of mind.


1. What is a moon lamp?

A moon lamp is a decorative lamp that mimics the appearance of the moon. It typically features a spherical design with textured surface details resembling the lunar landscape.

 2. How does a moon lamp work?

Moon lamps usually contain LED lights inside a spherical shell. The shell is made of a translucent material that diffuses the light, creating a soft, moon-like glow. They are often powered by rechargeable batteries or USB cables.

 3. Are moon lamps safe?

Yes, moon lamps are generally safe to use. They use low-voltage LED lights that emit minimal heat, reducing the risk of burns or fire hazards. However, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions for charging and usage.

 4. Can I adjust the brightness of a moon lamp?

Many moon lamps offer adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to customize the intensity of the light according to your preference. Some models come with remote controls or touch-sensitive controls for easy adjustment.

 5. How long does a moon lamp stay illuminated on a single charge?

The illumination duration varies depending on the lamp's battery capacity and brightness settings. On average, a fully charged moon lamp can stay illuminated for 6 to 12 hours. However, this may differ among different models.


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